Sunday, November 13, 2005

Get Rich or Die Tryin' (**)

Get Rich or Die Tryin' aims to be another 8 Mile. It's got a chart-topping rapper acting for the first time in a loosely-based life story, a well-respected director taking the helm (in this case, In America's Jim Sheridan), and a bumpin' soundtrack. But where 8 Mile succeeded in telling its simple, Rocky-style story, Get Rich attempts to do too much, and 50 Cent is no Eminem in the acting department. He's a bit too mumbly and unexpressive. Lucky for him, he's surrounded by top-notch acting talent. Terrence Howard is having an incredible year at the movies, and his role here is no different. In fact, many might compare this film to Howard's own Hustle & Flow from earlier this year. I hate to say it, but Howard made a much more convincing and charismatic rapper than 50 Cent. Ouch. Lost's Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje is also great as the movie's main heavy. Get Rich is violent and entertaining, but, given its meaty subject matter, it fails to connect on any emotional level. Jim Sheridan, an old Irish man, doesn't seem to be the most logical choice for a film like this, but he does a fine, if a bit by-the-numbers, job.


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