Sunday, June 25, 2006

Click (**)

With Click, Adam Sandler finds himself in this awkward middle ground somewhere between the career of his former self and that of Tim Allen. Two-thirds of the movie are devoted to high-concept comedy that falls flat. And when the filmmakers are in doubt, they resort to dog humping and fart jokes. I really hate these high-concept comedies (like here: man uses universal remote to control his universe) because they focus too much on making the concept work and not on making things funny. It may be overly saccherine, but I found the latter third of the movie to be the more interesting part. I think that's because I really love A Christmas Carol-type stories, which Click is clearly derivative of. The film is almost moving at times in this latter third, though there's always a dumb joke inserted inappropriately in the middle of a scene. If you thought the previews for this one looked bad, you're definitely onto something. Give Adam Sandler a little credit though: he is trying to stretch himself, if only slightly.


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