Friday, July 01, 2005

Bewitched (*1/2)

An unfunny mess. When I first heard of writer-director Nora Ephron's gimmick in adapting Bewitched to the big screen, I had hopes of something good. After all, not doing a straight-up big screen remake of the hit '60s comedy seemed the smart thing to do. Like the Brady Bunch movies, I thought this would be a hip, funny spin on a beloved classic. And with stars like Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell involved, how could it not be? Easy apparently. This is a complete waste of talent. The gimmick: Nicole Kidman is a real witch who gets recruited by Ferrell's actor character to co-star with him on a television remake of Bewitched. Get that? Doesn't matter. It's all too convoluted and unfunny for its own good. It goes nowhere and Ferrell kind of just flounders around on screen. On the plus side, this is the most enjoyable Nicole Kidman has been since Moulin Rouge. Although the film is not exactly a gold star on her track record of late, she is immensely likeable and well-cast in the role.


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