Saturday, August 20, 2005

The 40 Year-Old Virgin (***)

Likeable, if unremarkable, comedy with a superb lead performance by Steve Carrell. While this movie has its fair share of sex gags, I didn't find them all too original. I enjoyed the personal story of Carrell's Andy, and the way the movie made us care about his character. This is largely due to Carrell's performance. He is so good here. Funny, engaging, and a real person. I know I'm not making this sound like a fitfully funny comedy. Trust me, it is funny. You will laugh in parts. But too many of those laughs feel cheap. Carrell's performance is the real thing. I think the serious side to this movie and its well-intentioned look at mid-life virginity may be why so many other critics are responding so positively to it. This is the kind of flick that I'm sure will improve upon repeat viewings. But it's no Anchorman, or even this summer's Wedding Crashers. Both of those films are funnier, while this one's sweeter, kinder, gentler.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger karen said...

I can't really say why, but for some reason I was unsatisfied with how the plot wrapped up. But I did laugh a lot, and so did the grandma who was sitting next to me.

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John.
We just watched this movie, given all the positive reviews, etc. All I can say is "what were they thinking?" The premise is fantastic and original; why muddy (and f*#! it up) with all those unneeded and annoying characters at his job?! If they would have trimmed it by about 45 minutes and focused on Steve Carell and Catherine Keener's relationship (and her family), it could have been great. I was just so disappointed, given all it's praise. Their acting was great, but the rest really needed a revisit to the Edit Room, and some feedback maybe from someone our age. Hello - we didn't like the Aquarius stuff in 1978; why revisit it here?! Just an opinion...


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