Sunday, October 16, 2005

Domino (**)

Tony Scott, what were you thinking? Granted, Richard Kelly's script is all over the place, and Domino Harvey's life, though sporadically interesting, doesn't really warrant feature film status, but still. Tony Scott single-handedly sinks this movie. Much of the stylistic flourishes he used in Man on Fire are back with a vengeance this time around. Have you seen the preview for this flick? Lots of cuts, slow-mo, and diffused light? Well, the whole movie's like that. 2 hours of non-stop assault on the senses. When the movie does work, it's because a story finally starts to congeal and take center stage. But it's not too long before things go awry. This is a movie that's kind of faux "cool." It boasts great opening credits, and some inspired performances, namely from Christopher Walken, Brian Austin Green, and Ian Ziering. Yup, you read those last two right. The 90210 alums are probably the best thing in this movie. Keira Knightley is fine in the title role, if a little too one note, and Mickey Rourke continues his career upswing as the bounty hunter Ed. You walk out wondering who this movie is designed to please though. I don't know anyone I could or would recommend it to. It's entertaining enough but too much is too much.


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