Sunday, October 16, 2005

Feast (**1/2)

Having watched the latest installment of Project Greenlight, I had a grand time watching the movie that resulted: Feast. This is your typical horror comedy wherein a group of disparate strangers band together to fight off unknown creatures as they are picked off one at a time. It reminded me a lot of Evil Dead, and I think that's intentional. The best part of the movie is its sense of humor. Nothing is ever taken too seriously. All the creatures are referred to as monsters, and the screenwriters are all to aware of the horror conventions involved in a film like this. They know just when to kill certain characters to upend our expectations. Director John Gulager, who appeared to be a disaster-in-the-making on the t.v. show, acquits himself nicely here. He does a good job with the comedy of the piece and in keeping things moving and intense. The film was shot for a budget of about $3 million, and it shows. The action is too unfocused and sloppy. You don't know what's happening on screen all the time, and characters' deaths are handled too quickly--they suddenly just disappear and you have to assume they're dead. Having said that, it's a fun Friday night flick, and better than most bigger-budgeted horror flicks out there.


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