Sunday, September 25, 2005

Flightplan (*)

So Jodie Foster. She does a movie every four years. She probably has some of the best scripts in Hollywood coming her way. And yet, this is what she decides to make? Flightplan is ludicrous "entertainment." Coming off the heels of Foster's last film, Panic Room, this is just a rehash of that with some Turbulance, the dumb Ray Liotta goes crazy on a plane flick from '96, thrown in for good measure. From the previews, you expect Foster's missing girl to be a hoax or figment of her imagination. Turns out the movie doesn't go down that predictable path, but the path it does choose is even dumber, and, if possible, less believable. This is a strictly by-the-numbers thriller that has no reason for being. It is a waste of the talent of all involved.


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