Saturday, September 10, 2005

An Unfinished Life (**)

More like "An Inconsequential Film." I think the movie's plot stopped around the one hour mark and then the filmmakers spent another hour just wasting time. Nothing really happens in this film. Nothing original or interesting that is. Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman give good performances, but they're stuck in a completely middle-of-the-road story. Aside from the actors involved, there is nothing in this film that warrants the big screen treatment. It's pleasant enough to watch I guess. But you watch this just knowing that it was intended for something more than a halfhearted early September release. Dare I say Oscar? This film doesn't stand a chance. Jennifer Lopez is horrifically miscast in a thankless role, a kind of leftover Enough-type character who kicks less ass in the end. The funniest scene has to be the big confrontation between Redford and Lopez in the kitchen. J.Lo starts shouting with a Southern accent, which she previously never had. Comic gold. Older folks may like this film because it's unchallenging and unsurprising. Add to that unworthy.


At 12:19 AM, Blogger d'shawn'tre said...

i thot it hadd the poynyancee ov lay her cake with the shoot em upp actshin of lay her cake.


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