Sunday, November 13, 2005

Zathura (**1/2)

This is a good kids movie. Adults may like it in spurts, but it's mostly for young boys. It's very similar to Jumanji, a book by the same author, but here we have outer space special effects rather than CGI zoo animals on a rampage. I prefer outer space. Director Jon Favreau does an admirable job in the first half of the film by creating a believable brotherly rivalry. It's almost a little too real at times. All that bickering and fighting can get a bit old. It's a fun film though. It moves fast, but can grow pretty repetitive what with the kids pulling a lever, reading a card, and dealing with the ensuing hijinks. Zathura has a good theme that essentially boils down to: "Brothers gotta hug." If you're in touch with the little kid in you, Zathura has plenty to offer. But a more cynical audience may find the movie problematic.


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