Monday, September 04, 2006

Idiocracy (**1/2)

I don't think you can talk about Idiocracy, the latest comedy from Office Space creator Mike Judge, without mentioning 20th Century Fox's handling of the film. It's been sitting on a shelf for two years now, and when Fox finally decides to release it, they dump it in a handful of theaters with almost no advertising or any fanfare. It should be coming very soon to DVD. But why? Office Space may not have done very well in theaters, but it was a huge hit on video and I don't know anyone who's not a big fan of it. Mike Judge deserves better than this. As for the film, it's no masterpiece, but it certainly has a bunch of big laughs in it, and it's one of the better comedies this year. I'm sure it will get funnier over time too. Luke Wilson stars as an average joe who is frozen and unthawed 500 years in the future only to find he is the smartest man on earth. There are a lot of good gags about the dumbing down of America and over-corporatization. It's a smart movie about dumb people, and if you don't see it in the theater, it's a definite rental once it hits DVD.


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