Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Last Kiss (**1/2)

The Last Kiss is a slight, though daring, little film about the pitfalls of adulthood and choosing to grow up. It's a good thing Zach Braff is cast in the film because he' s a pretty likeable actor whose character does some pretty unlikeable things in the film. The movie's not well-written enough (despite a script by Crash and Million Dollar Baby's Paul Haggis) to make us identify with Braff's character's choices, so it's up to Braff's inherent likeability to carry the film. It's also an underwritten film. There are several other guy characters in the movie, and at first, it seems like each will be given their own story and angle on the main theme. But then about midway through, the movie loses all interest in these other characters. The Last Kiss could have been a thoughtful, complex character study. Instead, it's an almost instantly forgettable movie and, aside from the cool ambiguous ending, doesn't really add up to a satisfying whole.


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