Saturday, January 27, 2007

Catch and Release (*1/2)

Catch and Release has been sitting on the shelf for at least a year now, and that coupled with its January release date should tell you something about it's quality. And as big a fan of Jennifer Garner as I am, the script here doesn't really do her any favors. It's a muddled, meandering time waster of a film where supposedly interesting characters are supposed to tackle real life problems and grow and learn and blah blah blah. It mostly just plays as a bad WB television pilot that if you hadn't paid ten dollars to see, you'd probably just switch channels at the first commercial. I'm all for character pieces but not when they're as poorly written and directed as this one. It's not really the cast's fault--everyone is likeable enough--and I suppose it plays better on a small screen, but still, this one's no "Catch."


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