Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Family Stone (***)

The Family Stone is a refreshing little film this time of year. After checking out all the big winter blockbusters and politically-charged thrillers, you'll enjoy just sitting back and enjoying a likeable cast perform a sometimes funny, sometimes silly dysfunctional family dramedy. Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Sarah Jessica Parker all score points with memorable characterizations and intriguing storylines, while Claire Danes and Dermot Mulroney are stuck in a boring, unbelievable story arc that hurts the movie's credibility a tad. But not much. The Family Stone isn't trying to do much more than entertain. It's all predictable and obvious, but with this kind of movie, the joy is in the journey. It's no Royal Tennenbaums, but it will make a nice rental someday.


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