Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fun with Dick and Jane (**)

This is another in a long line of pointless remakes. As dated as Rent was, Fun with Dick and Jane is equally so. Set in 1997, the film includes tons of lame corporate jokes that foreshadow such events as the Time Warner/AOL merger and the Enron scandal. The movie ends with a stupid, ironic shout-out to all the corporations and controversial figures, like Ken Lay. HA! Laughing yet? I wasn't. Fun with Dick and Jane is entertaining for the most part, especially in the first half hour. But once the plot kicks in and Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni start robbing banks, the movie devolves into silly sketches full of wigs and costumes. It's not too funny. Even less funny is the fact that Jim Carrey is truly starting to show his age. His antics are not that amusing here, and he tries a little too hard. After watching the brilliant comedy being done on TV's Arrested Development and The Office (understated, realistic, character-based), Carrey's shameless mugging for the camera feels all too forced and drags the movie down with him.


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