Monday, January 02, 2006

Wolf Creek (*1/2)

Enough is enough. This is the straw that breaks the Texas Chainsaw Massacre ripoffs' back. A bunch of indistinguishable young fun-seekers get in a car, travel, get stuck, and come across unspeakable evil in the Austrailian outback. Lots of torture ensues, but it isn't very original or clever. Just torture for torture's sake. Although I enjoyed the slow build and impending doom, once the picture got where it wanted to, blood and torture, I quickly lost interest. Wolf Creek is not all that scary and it's not that thrilling. It just sort of annoys you, and makes you ask: is this really entertainment? I don't know why this movie ticked me off so much, but other similar horror films (High Tension, Texas Chainsaw) don't. I think it boils down to the lack of originality, and the fact that all tension is zapped when characters do stupid things, like watch camcorder footage explaining the villain's MO when they should be getting the f*** out of there.


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